Key Issues:

Together, we CAN do better to:

  • Stop McMansions and speculators
  • Protect our aquifer and upgrade our aging wastewater systems
  • Strike a fair balance among residents, farmers, businesses
  • Provide housing for our workforce and our next generation
  • Rein in traffic and rebuild our infrastructure
  • Protect our aging population while welcoming new families


  • Stopped plans to reroute truck traffic from the New England Thruway to Southold
  • Fought plans to develop Plum Island
  • Worked to gain approval for innovative/advanced wastewater treatment systems
  • Worked to preserve historic buildings in Southold
  • Fought for more transparency to Town boards and committees
  • As Fire District Commissioner, helped institute tightening of fiscal controls
  • Recovered over $70,000 in cell tower fees and interest withheld from the Fire District